·  Recording:  Each of the bands will get to record their own original song. During this time, students will also learn the basics of sound production and mixing; knowledge that will enable them to record on their own.

·  Lyric writing:  People have a common fear that prevents them from presenting their lyrical ideas to others, or even putting them on paper. We will host a series of activities targeted towards making students comfortable with sharing their ideas.

·  Stage Presence:  Presentation is just as important as the content. In this workshop, we will pick apart aspects of non-verbal communication to help students enhance their stage performance.

·  Stage-setup:  In the world of rock 'n roll, there are countless things that can go wrong with equipment on stage. With a little bit of knowledge, our students will have a head-start at fixing technical difficulties. In this workshop, they will also learn about lighting and mixing; two integral components of making a great show.


Saturday Sessions

Each month we host a Saturday Session, which is a large group workshop giving our young musicians the chance to come together as a group and apply what they have been learning individually. The day will be filled with music collaboration, small group instrument instruction, some of our favorite Rock 101 games, and of course a healthy and delicious snack.

Students must register prior to the Saturday Session, and will be on a first come fist serve basis. (Max capacity is 25 students)


3 hour Workshop - $30

Students currently enrolled in weekly private lessons will receive a 10% discount.