Thank you for sharing your art with our kids. They relate to you because you are young and full of enthusiasm; they idolize you because you are cool, and rock stars to boot! They listen to you because you speak truth, in a loving, kind way. They respect you because you respect them. They laugh with you because you drop your egos and get goofy with them. They trust you because you hold their best interests at heart. They are authentic with you because you are real with them. And they take risks and face their fears because you are there cheering them on, and they know they are safe. What a magnificent group of people you are. You make this world a better place. It isn't possible to adequately articulate how incredibly grateful we are for you. Thank you for all you offer, for all you do, for all you are.

-The Smiths

This camp, you (Kevin), and your staff are AMAZING! Hunter had a "blast." Count us in for next summer and keep us informed on any and all things Rock 101 related!

-Vic Padilla

Thanks for making such a wonderful place for kids to bond and rock-out. Beia LOVED it! We are your biggest fans and will be back again. 

- Heidi Smith


Firstly let me tell you from what we saw these past 2 weeks and the concert tonight, Rock 101 NM has far exceeded our expectations. You are a polite and energetic staff! You certainly made a great first impression simply by introducing yourselves to parents and kids. I am pleased you have brought this high caliber of music learning, exposure, positive experience, and confidence to Albuquerque.

- Polly Zelaya

You guys are amazing with these kids! It was such a joy to see my child explore music in this way. Eric has tried team sports and decided not to play anymore so the timing was perfect for him to find something he can be proud of. It's obvious you all truly care about the kids and have a passion for music. 

- Aedriel Moxely


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how thrilled we've been with your program. The camp has given my daughter a much-needed boost in her self-confidence.  I left her at camp the first day, with tears in her eyes.  She didn't make it into the show choir at school after the May auditions and consequently had decided she had no musical talent (even though she was selected for concert choir!).  After trying drums the first day of camp, she thought she'd never catch on.  By the second day of camp, she had made some improvements and really started enjoying herself.  Now, she's beaming every afternoon, when I come to pick her up!  She walks around the house singing.  We borrowed a drum kit from some friends and she plays every day.  You've truly helped her rediscover her love of making music but most importantly, helped her rediscover her self-confidence!!!

- A Rock 101 NM Parent


My son Jack has played piano for the last couple of years, but he's never had the opportunity to make music with others.  There's so much joy to be found when you bring talent together and put the "play" in playing music!  Jack has discovered a new love for playing piano and has developed an interest in pursuing band/jazz band at school.  It's been really fun for him to play contemporary music and to collaborate with others.

Thank you all, for the guidance and nurturing these last couple of weeks.

-Lynette Wickstrom

 Thanks to you and all of the instructors for a great concert last night! It was great to see the level of talent and enthusiasm expressed by students and teachers alike. Tas had a wonderful time and will no doubt be back next year.

-Whitney Woodward



I want to say, Martin is having the time of his life, and at the New Mexico Blues Society meeting on Saturday, Craig Stokes told everyone how impressed he is with your camp, and how great it is to see the kids playing their hearts out. He (and perhaps some other members) plan to attend the concert on Friday. Martin and I reiterated how terrific the camp is and what a great thing you have going. Please accept my thanks for creating such a fantastic opportunity for the kids.

-Katharine Boggess

Thank you so much!! Lauren made it into the Eldorado Advanced Show Choir (Gold Rush) and the advanced Concert Choir! Lauren really enjoyed working with you and I know it helped raise her confidence in herself.

- Leanne & Lauren Weaver

We can't thank you and your team enough for this summer session. It has reached beyond music with Skyler. He attributes Rock 101 NM for overcoming some fears and break out of his shell. Thank you for letting him be himself and explore and experiment. Your staff are exceptional!!

P.S. Skyler traded football & golf to join choir, guitar and theatre thanks to his Rock 101 NM experience!!!!!

- Tamie Gregg 

All in all, the kids said this was the BEST camp ever and are very excited to do it again. Thank you so much for all that you and your staff did. They will certainly be doing this again. 

-Tina Briggs

Thank YOU for an amazing, musical experience! Jade had an awesome time, made friends, improved her drumming and will definitely be back!

-Debbie Dawson

Rock 101 NM is changing lives! Our 13 year old daughter had so much fun in the program for the past two years. As a military kid, she has endured a move every 1-2 years. While she started Rock 101 NM as a shy girl finding her comfortable place in the group, she came out of her shell, gained confidence, made new friends and even learned a new instrument! Although Lexie came to Rock 101 NM with prior musical talent in piano and flute, during her weeks in the program she ventured outside of her comfort zone and even sang for a performance playing the bass guitar!  We were thrilled to see the changes in her and so glad for the experience. Praises to Kevin and his program!

-Angie & Chris Bartos

A BIG THANK YOU to you and your fellow musicians for offering such an amazing resource for young musicians. My daughter, Olivia, had an absolute blast this summer!

- Megan Foresi

Rock 101 NM was awesome, and I plan to do it again next year. Getting to perform in front of an audience was such a great thing. I learned a lot throughout the two weeks! 

-Maddie Roeber (Rock 101 NM student)

The Kids Supporting Kids benefit last night was amazing. The band did a great job with their 2 songs and Neavis made it to the performance after spending the last 5 days in hospital. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the audience when they finished performing Wavin’ Flags.

The band was clearly performance-ready and we give you credit for that Meredith. We are all very happy with you working with the band and we are happy to commit to Rock 101 NM for the band’s ongoing development.

- Karin Wilson



Sign me up! Your program has been the best ever for Donovan – he has never felt more welcome and made more friends than at your camps.

- Mandy Peters

Joining Rock 101 NM was definitely a highlight of Jimmy's year, and we thank you, Kenny and all of the other incredible coaches for making it such a positive experience for him. 

Julie, Jim & Jimmy March


Thanks so much for providing these kids with an opportunity to rock. Both Owen and Scott have been resisting any adult assistance as they pursue their musical life. Somehow Gage was able to get in there and make a difference. Please let him know I am grateful for that.

-Becca Holmes