The Rock 101 NM Music Academy is a year round music program that caters towards aspiring musicians of all skill levels. Our mission is to empower New Mexico’s youth through music and to develop a strong community of talented and professional musicians. The Rock 101 Academy is built upon a curriculum that will not only help your students’ musical abilities, but their educational learning as well. 


Students will have the opportunity to learn on an individual basis with one of our very talented Rock 101 Instructors. 

Your private lesson will be customized to fit YOUR style and interests.

Instruments include:

Guitar  Bass  Drums  Piano  Vocals  Ukulele  Violin  Harmonica  and more!


60 Minute Lesson - $45
30 Minute Lesson - $25

Package of 4 or more 10% off - (i.e. 4/hour lessons =$162 )

Sibling Discount: We will allow siblings to share an hour time slot instead of paying for (2) 30 minute lessons. ($10 savings)

*We highly encourage our students to attend private lessons on a recurring weekly schedule.